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Professional Wooden Sailboat  Restoration




epoxy repair


Epoxy Wooden Boat Repair examples - Marine Epoxy Putty
Epoxy wood / wooden Boat Hull Repair method using thickened marine epoxy examples

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Professional Restoration of a Thistle Class Sailboat (hull #448)



by: Paul Nelson of Left Coast Boatworks -

Mr Nelson is also editor

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What is a Thistle Class Sailboat?


According to the Thistle Class Association:


The Thistle is a high performance one design racing sailboat that is generally sailed with a three person crew. The Thistle Class Association is recognized as one of the largest and best one-design classes in the country.

Designed by Sandy Douglass, the Thistle debuted in 1945. The sail plan consists of a main, jib, and spinnaker. The boat planes easily in 10-12 knots of breeze yet will also glide effortlessly in light air. The class firmly believes in the one-design principles thus keeping all boats competitive.

Thistle fleets are located throughout the US and welcome new and experienced sailors. Fleet members are happy to take new Thistle sailors out sailing and help get new boat owners up to speed. Joining a fleet and crewing is an excellent way to get started in the Thistle. Instructional DVD’s also help sailors get up to speed.

The TCA publishes a top-notch magazine, the Bagpipe, which not only reports on all the class news, but often includes rigging and go-fast tips.

The class culture makes this Thistle unique. The competitive design and caliber of sailors attracts top sailors. The class also enjoys family camaraderie and often teams are comprised of family members. The Thistle is ideal for junior sailors and many regattas encourage youth participation with reduced fees for junior members .


Thistle class saiboat

Thistle # 154

Long Island Sound - Milford CT about 1973


thistle class wooden sailaboat

Thistle # 154

Milford Yacht Club  - Milford CT about 1973


Exterior Natural Wood Finish with No Blush Epoxy  (tm) and Marine Spar Varnish

This application is boat windows, but could also be done on exterior door, table, bar top

  "(5/2019) Paul;

Attached is a picture of two of the 14 frames I have made for the windows and door of my tugboat (Candu-EZ 14'3" model) named Electra. I wanted to share with you my excitement regarding the use of Progressive Polymers No Blush Epoxy as a sanding sealer/stain. Here is my process in the event that you would want to share it with others.

Substrate is african mahogany.

Final sand with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth finish, wipe with alcohol dampened cloth or paper towel and remove dust with tack rag.

Mix No Blush Epoxy according to weight ratio of 1 part resin to 0.42 part standard hardner (I don't recommend the fast hardener for reasons that will appear later).

Add alcohol based stain (Behlen Solar LuxTM NGR Medium-Brown Mahogany Stain) 25% W/W and mix well.

Apply with inexpensive chip brush and brush out well. Caution: be sure that the finish is brushed out well to avoid runs and "edge lips", which are hard to remove without removing more wood due to the epoxy base.

Sand lightly with 220 grit and reapply as necessary, (i.e., missed spots or areas in which the sandpaper may have removed too much color).

The next step will be the application of Varnish to the tune of about 7 coats
(vendor note: most folks would apply 1 - 3 coats of varnish - besides the Basic No Blush (with bubble breakers) epoxy, we also sell India Spar Varnish) -- (but less than what would be needed if not epoxy sealer were used)."

Additional Customer Notes and Comments

"Thinning the "No Blush" with alcohol based stain works well in this case. Initially, I used both 91% Isopropyl alcohol along with the stain as a thinner, but I found the Isopropyl alcohol to be unnecessary for the depth of color that I desired.

I used some wood filler to deal with some imperfections in my wood routing techniques. While the stain/epoxy mixture did color them, it did not do so at the same intensity as the wood itself. In retrospect, i believe the better solution would be to leave the imperfections alone (smooth them of course) and fill them with stain filler stix that Behlen also has in corresponding colors.

Using an alcohol based stain as a thinner for the epoxy appears to have some impact on the thinning duration (i.e. the mixture thickens over time). This appears to be a function of the relatively rapid evaporation of the alcohol which has the effect of an increase in viscosity over a a period of 15 minutes or so. As a result, the color impact of the mixture becomes somewhat more intense. Therefore, I recommend keeping the batch size small, probably no more than 3 oz (liquid measure) total volume at a time. In this way, the color consistency was very good and given the spreadability of the mixture, coverage was adequate to prevent slowing down the staining/sealing process of a number of the frames pictured at one time.

Again, thank you for your support and your knowledge AND for a great product." - BOB  5/19

Other Options:  Instead of the honey thick, solvent free, Basic No Blush epoxy, the same results could be had using our solvent free, thinner Low V epoxy or even our solvent based, water thin, ESP 155 epoxy sealer (not for sale in California). Read about these product options in our Favorites Page. - These options are all available because we are a technical coatings/epoxy company and not a single product / single industry marketing company.



Epoxy Crazing Notice/Warning

There are two types of Marine Epoxy Vendors: 1) discount, bulk, REPACKAGERS who simple buy drums of raw resin and raw curing agent(s) from the big chemical companies and fill plastic jugs for resale; 2) FORMULATORS take the raw epoxy chemicals add to them to enhance and improve the raw "moonshine" into a "fine whiskey". Learn more repackagers/formulators.

Our Basic No Blush (tm) is a formulated non blushing epoxy by Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (homepage). that includes additions for reduced brittleness and exclusive (only we have it)  bubble breakers for a more perfect looking finish. Basic No Blush is the least expensive of the formulated epoxies and considered the best marine epoxy by many ex-users of the other formulated epoxies.

REPACKAGED EPOXY WARNING: Over the years I have seen and had reports of non-formulated, raw resin/cure epoxies (which are extremely hard and brittle) becoming crazed with millions of cracks (like shattered safety glass) in outdoor settings that experience big changes in temperature. Formulated epoxies  all seem to be 'fixed' to allow for this expansion and contraction without cracking by making them less brittle and better able to handle internal stresses.

Marine Catalog  ///// Stitch n Glue ///// Epoxy Only Google Search ///// Epoxy Guru Help Site ///// Marine Boat Epoxy Etc. Links

"I've been using the Basic No Blush epoxy on all my own stuff, and using up all the West epoxy on most customers boats. When the West is finally gone I'll only be using your epoxies. Good stuff. I'm rebuilding an old Rybovich so a big order in the future..." Patrick (comment with on-line order 9/4/07)  ----  Order No Blush online


Things go better with Fiberglass Cloth

We sell 9 oz fiberglass cloth in 50 yard rolls. Three inch or four inch wide fiberglass "tape". The "tape" is easier for beginners to work with than big sheets of fiberglass - (saturate with epoxy and apply like strips of duct tape). Use for boat-building and/or repair, epoxy pipe wrap projects, and basement leak repair (sort of a dry-wall tape system but using fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Note that when using epoxy and fiberglass cloth, the strength comes from the fiberglass cloth and not the epoxy. - Order the 3 inch or 4 inch fiberglass rolls at either of our on-line stores or call to order your epoxy and cloth - 603 - 435 -7199.




Non Blushing Marine Epoxy Marine Epoxies  (find in catalog)
Epoxy Fillers / Thickeners Fiberglass Cloth
"Stitch and Glue" building Underwater Epoxy Repairs
Varnish Info Varnish (find in catalog)
Dinghy Repair Massive Boat Links Site
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Customer Feedback:

Hello Paul,

I delivered Thistle 448 to her new owner and he's very pleased. I've been using your epoxy since the late 90's when I restored Thistle 1014, then built an Alaskan Tolman Skiff and then through several more Thistle restorations.

Paul Nelson - Left Coast Boatworks


NOTE: Mr. Nelson used our Low V epoxy instead of out thicker Basic No Blush marine epoxy.


Selected Restoration Notes of Thistle 448


(1) She's all done and it's time to prep for varnish. Today I sealed all the remaining new wood on 448 with Progressive Low-V epoxy thinned with about 15% acetone. The goal here is to seal the wood with epoxy to create a stable base for later coats of varnish. I use the Low-V epoxy as it's thinner and with just a little bit of solvent, it thins out to a paint-like viscosity that makes it easy to brush on. It will level out well which makes for less sanding later. I'll follow up this coat within 24 hours with one more to build depth and then let it cure for a couple of days before sanding with 220 grit and follow up that with several coats of varnish.

I really like the Progressive epoxies and have used the Basic-No-Blush and Low-V epoxies for many years, going back to the restoration of Thistle 1014 (photos). The price is good, service is great and they mix with an easy to use 2:1 ratio meaning you don't need special pumps. Paul Oman, the owner of the company is a former Thistle sailor. When you call the shop, you'll get him on the phone and he's an expert wooden boat builder happy to offer advice. The only bad thing about this epoxy is the crazy web site. There are tons of pages and it's easy to get lost. It's worth it though to browse around because there are golden nuggets of wisdom on a wide range of topics if you put in the time to find them.

(2) I used Progressive No-Blush epoxy which is my favorite brand. It has an easy 2:1 mix ratio and it always sets up and bonds well. I added dark mahogany saw dust and West 404 high-density filler to add strength and a bit of cab-o-sil to keep it from sagging. The wood on the rail and the face of the hull were boat coated with raw epoxy before the filler was applied to the hull. The best way to apply the filler is by using a plastic baggy with the corner cut open which lets you squeeze out the filler like a baker icing a cake. The idea is to get it where you want it quickly. If you leave the epoxy and filler in your mixing cup too long, it will start to heat up and start to cure before you can get it spread on and the rail set.

(3) Today I sheathed the hull of 448 with Progressive Low-V Epoxy and fiberglass cloth. 50" wide cloth will just reach from the gunwale to just past the CB slot in the middle of the boat and provide enough extra cloth for nice overlaps at the stern and bow.

Today I glassed one side of the interior of 448. The fiberglass cloth and epoxy will totally seal the interior of the hull making it more durable to hard use and protect the keelson and bilge area from any standing water intrusion. I'm using 3.67oz "Deck Cloth" from It comes in a 50" width which is just wide enough to go from the rail down the hull interior and over the keelson. For epoxy I'm using Low-V from Progressive Epoxy. The Low-V epoxy has a lower viscosity than most epoxies which means it's thinner and it spreads and saturates wood and cloth easily... We'll use about 1/2 gallon on this job along with $125 in cloth. That means we're spending almost $200 to just seal the interior of the boat. Recently I exchanged some emails with a Thistle owner who had dry rot in the keelson and surrounding hull skin. The boat had been sitting outside under cover and some water had gathered in the bottom of the boat. An otherwise perfectly good Thistle is now ruined, requiring expensive repairs. It may never sail again. Money spent on a good epoxy coating when his boat was restored a few years ago would have saved it.

(4) There's nothing like the warm, golden glow of mahogany. The centerboard trunk is all finished with two coats of epoxy. It will be sanded later to prepare it for varnish. Epoxy will yellow if not varnished and it doesn't flow out as nice as varnish does. I'm using Progressive Low-V epoxy which works well for penetrating dry wood and serves as a good base layer for varnish or paint later. The trunk could go back in the boat now but I'll leave it out while sanding the interior of the hull.


Paul Oman - thistle sailboat #154 1970

Paul Oman - Owner of Progressive Epoxy Polymers (this web site)

sitting in Thistle # 154  about 1970

Milford Yacht Club, Milford Ct.


Typical applications for Low V epoxy include: rot repair (because it bonds to damp surfaces. Read more on Rot - Site #1 and also at Site #2and Site #3) - sealing re-hab shipping container floors (from chemicals in the floor to kill bugs etc. Read more on Shipping Container floor sealing - Site #1 and also at Site #2) and as a general primer and sealer. It is also commonly injected into delaminated core / skin areas in "spongy" boat decks and RV walls. It is also commonly injected into delaminated core / skin areas in "spongy" boat decks and RV walls. Also fixing osmotic blisters on boat hulls. Read more on blisters - Site #1 and also at Site #2). Mixed with copper powder for an anti - fouling boat bottom.

See Low V and Basic No Blush in Marine Epoxy Resin catalog - CLICK HERE

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Epoxy Wooden Boat Repair examples - Marine Epoxy Putty
Epoxy wood / wooden Boat Hull Repair method using thickened marine epoxy examples

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Epoxy Bilge Painting Project Click Here.

Another rotten plywood boat repair: The Restoration of the famous Leaf blower Powered Dinghy epoxy rot repair project

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These are several epoxies/products I couldn't imagine not always having on hand...

Wet Dry 700 (tm) - epoxy paste that works underwater. Use to glue/fill/patch - marine epoxy catalog - home/industry epoxy cat. - order/simple web site 2.

ESP 155 (tm) - solvent thinned epoxy sealer, tie coat etc. (not for sale in S. Calif) marine epoxycatalog - home/industry epoxy cat.

Aluthane (tm) - aluminum filled moisture cured urethane - amazing paint product -  Aluthane MCU aluminum paint now as its own web page.

Basic No Blush (tm) marine epoxy - if you work on boats, this is the best epoxy at the best price. marine epoxy  catalog - order/simple web site 2.




boat is sad shape

After Staining

And ESP 155 epoxy

Boat Restoration

Using ESP 155

solvent based

epoxy sealer

and primer

Find this epoxy on

our favorites page




The Marine Epoxy Everything Guide

Everything from user reviews, repair examples,

pricing issues and vendor evaluation tips


Basic No Blush Marine Epoxy Product Page

Marine Epoxy Catalog page (multiple epoxies)

Basic No Blush Marine Epoxy User Reviews / Feedback

How To Evaluating Marine Epoxy brands and Vendors

Marine Epoxy prices - what it really costs!

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Massive site of Internet boat links


We also have Internet floor epoxy links!



Inside Our Marine Catalog:


basic no blush epoxy, premium no blush epoxy, esp 155 epoxy,  low v epoxy


fumed silica; microsphere/balloons; poly fibers; graphite, wood flour; EZ thick; rock flour


wet/dry 700; splash zone; epoxy cream; splash zone a-788

Section Four TWO PART EPOXY PAINTS (barrier coats)

corro coat FC 2100; water gard 300; CM 15; liqua tile 11 72 potable water; rough coat; water prime

Section Five URETHANES AND NON-EPOXY COATINGS Aluthane (aluminum coating); LPU Marine; india spar varnish; acrylic poly uv plus, polyester poly


walnut shell,; s15


pipe wrap; fiberglass tape (cloth); Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure


short nap rollers; TA 661 (solvent free epoxy clean-up); 1 inch foam brushes; 2 inch bristle brushes; tongue depressors

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sailing boat

Progressive Epoxy Polymers'  Paul Oman

solo sailing his former Coronado 25, "Temptress "

on Galveston Bay - early 1990s


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Epoxy Wooden Boat Repair examples - Marine Epoxy Putty
Epoxy wood / wooden Boat Hull Repair method using thickened marine epoxy examples