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Concrete sealing /sealers info page - epoxy and non epoxy options - Click Here -

basement leak crack repair


Infiltration and influx (I & I) of water through concrete or ‘block' surfaces located below grade is a common problem. Home owners with cellars, city managers with manholes, and businesses with sumps and collection pits frequently have problems with seepage or leakage. Such problems can be solved thanks to several new products now on the market. These products will work on moisture saturated surfaces and on the ‘inside' negative pressure surface (the inside wall of a leaking basement as opposed to the outside surface where the water presses the coatings into the concrete instead of away from the concrete).

The ease and cost of fixing this problem is largely determined by the extent of the leakage and the composition/density of the wall material. Concrete or ‘cinder' block is a common basement wall material. The density, porosity and void space size vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some cinder blocks do a reasonable job of holding back water while others seem more characteristic of a window screen. A less dense building block will require more dramatic measures to stop its leaking.

Concrete density and porosity can also vary, particularly as the concrete deteriorates due to slightly acidic ground water, or due to the initial mix of cement and sand. Simply put, each case is unique and the contractor/applicator must decide which solution will work for the least cost.

The simplest solution is to use a concrete fortifier/sealer such as
Bio-Vee from Progressive Epoxy Polymers (https://epoxyproducts.com). This water like product soaks completely into the concrete, reacts with the cement grains to form new crystal grains between the existing cement particles. With less air filled void spaces, water migration through the concrete is stopped or greatly reduced. There is still enough pore space, however, to allow the block to breathe. A single application by brush or roller is generally all that is required. It's effectiveness on cinder block varies. It works well on the denser blocks, less well on the coarser blocks.

The next level of sealing involves applying a coat of thin, solvent-free, water displacing epoxy over the surface. These special epoxies (also available from Progressive Epoxy Polymers) can actually be applied to a damp, saturated, or completely submerged surfaces and will form a tough, non-porous surface coating. Problems can result if the surface is dirty, greasy, weak, or dusty and the epoxy cannot get a good bond to the surface. Another possible concern, primarily with the more porous cinder blocks, is that the thin epoxy cannot completely fill the larger voids and spaces in one application. In such situations a thicker water displacing epoxy is recommended.

The best protection against water seepage is to apply a thick epoxy. Often fiber thickened (frequently with Kevlar (tm) micro fibers) these products can be applied by plastic edger (or ‘float') to the surface. Application literally pushes the thick epoxy into surface spaces and the thick gelled epoxy resists air or water expulsion while it cures to an extremely hard, durable and even attractive surface. As with the thinner versions of these 100% solid epoxies, surface preparation and surface condition are critical for a firm bond.


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Epoxy Sealing Leaky Basements - Options Repair
Leaking Basement - Search for DIY solutions

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For commercial applications, such as manhole repair and restoration, a two coat system consisting of water displacing epoxies of contrasting colors is often specified. The different colors helps to visually insure uniform and complete coverage, compensating for thick or thin zones during the application of each coating. An even better system would include using Bio-Vee sealer before applying the one or two coats of the epoxy. The Bio-Vee would by itself, help resist the influx of water. The Bio-Vee densified concrete will also better resist chemical deterioration when and if the epoxy surface coating integrity is breeched. The Bio-Vee will also reduce the possibility of pinholing through the coating by reducing the volume of air spaces in the surface of the concrete.

Material costs for the above treatments varies from about $0.40 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot.

Current thinking

seal around the 'leak' with Bio Vee Seal then patch crack or damaged area with a coat of our Corro Coat FC 2100 epoxy with Kelvar and Ceramic. The Bio Vee Seal will keep the water from migrating through the concrete and around the epoxy after you've sealed the crack. Note that the Bio Vee Seal does not work on cracks or sealed (or painted) surfaces. It also is less effective on 'cinder' blocks.

--- both these products are non-hazmat, solvent free and can be applied to wet surfaces ---


more info -- CLICK HERE

DISCLAIMER: The above comments are simply that, comments and ideas. The ability of these or other products to seal a basement or sump is not guaranteed as many factors beyond just the sealing product comes into play.



Concrete Sealing in a Nutshell

There are 3 kinds of concrete sealers

1) inexpensive products that contain wax or paraffin dissolved in a solvent. Easy and cheap, but if you use these you will ever be able to coat the surface with any kind of paint or epoxy (you cannot paint on wax!). You cannot remove with solvents, which will just move the wax around. Use this kind of sealer and you are locked out of doing anything else forever.

2) Liquid sealers that are like paint and sit on the surface you are coating. No way you be be certain these will not peel or chip off and they may prevent you from top coating them with other products.

3) Internal concrete sealers, like our Bio Vee Seal. Bio Vee soaks into the exposed concrete and forms crystals within the concrete itself. It leaves nothing (except perhaps some tiny white crystals) on the surface. There is nothing to peel or chip and it leaves the surface as it was, allowing you full options to top coat with any product.

Useful links: Bio Vee ---  Concrete Sealers  ---   Industry article on sealing  ---  basement leaks/sealing  ---  Floor coating links

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corro coat FC 2100; water gard 300; CM 15; crack coat™; liqua tile 1172 potable water; water prime

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water bond (water based); industrial floor epoxy; bio vee seal; walnut shell; rough coat grit filled epoxy floor paint; epoxy clear top resi


wet/dry 700; splash zone A-788, epoxy cream; splash zone a-788

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low V epoxy; basic no blush; ESP 155; Bio-Clear 810; epoxy clear top resin

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Aluthane moisture cured urethane; Acrylic Poly UV Plus and other 2 part polys ; Capt. Tolley's creeping crack sealer; india spar varnish;

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fumed silica; fiber fill; micro balloons/micro-spheres; graphite;  wood flour; EZ thick, rock flour;


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Epoxy Sealing Leaky Basements - Options Repair
Leaking Basement - Search for DIY solutions