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We are the only technology based coating/epoxy/resin company that actively encourages your phone calls, not just during our East Coast work hours but also after/before hours, evening, weekends and even holidays. We're available when you are. We form a personal relationship with our customers and freely share technical information, how to-advice, product information and tips-and-tricks. Speak with a non-salesman technical professional with over 25 years of experience in the resin/coating/epoxy industry (no newbie staffer on the phone lines!). Floors, tables, boats, leaks, rot repair. We handle it all!

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"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.


"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe


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Late Summer  2013

PROGRESSIVE EPOXY OFFERS MULTI VENDOR EPOXY SOLUTIONS. Largest selection of two part LPU urethanes, epoxy fillers, NSF 61 approved epoxies, pipe wraps products, low temp winter epoxies, barrier coats, and more! Home of: WET/DRY 700™ Kevlar™ underwater epoxy paste and the low cost Basic No Blush™ marine epoxy.
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Summer is drawing to a close. I don't see why folks like the burning, energy sapping rays of the summer sun. Sunny days in the 50s and 60s (or cooler) are much more to my liking. 


Ditto for epoxies too. Epoxies like cooler temperatures - or at least those that use them enjoy the longer pot life times associated with coolers temps. Every 18 degrees cooler doubles the pot life - working time of epoxy (simply the temperature affects on chemical reactions).


With the cooler temperatures, epoxy usage picks up. Time to fix the boat or begin to purchase products for that winter boat building project. Time to coat that pebble deck, paint the garage floor, fix those rotten window frames before winter. Lots of things to do before (for most of us) cool and comfortable becomes freezing and too cold!



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 Our business marketing is by WORD OF  MOUTH. Please recommend our epoxies to your DIY repair friends, boat buddies, and maintenance associates. Forward this newsletter to them and have them sign-up on our newsletter list. Have them call us or email us with their repair issues and projects. 

 What We Do - Our Market Niche
Five Things We're Masters Of




We have perhaps the most diverse line of epoxy anywhere on the Internet. So what is it we specialize in?


1) All things marine - boat building and repair epoxy, fillers and fiberglass, barrier coats etc.BOAT LINKS page.


2) All things floors -  several different floor epoxies and associated products.  FLOOR LINKSpage.


3) Industrial epoxy and no epoxy paints and repair products for home and business  REPAIR LINKSpage.


4) Coatings education. Learn about epoxies and coatings EDUCATION LINKS  page.


5) Pour On epoxy bar top and table top resin CLICK HERE.



Product Upgrade Goes Bad


Our Quick Fix 2300 non-hazmat, underwater epoxy paste is a nice product, but with a few shortcomings. It bonds to surfaces well enough, but not good enough for structural repairs and not with the kind of tenacious bond associated with other 
epoxies. It is a fast setting epoxy (thanks to its mercaptan cure - which smells like rotten eggs  and often forms a 'skin' on the surface of the curing agent) and very useful to quick filling and void patching both underwater and on dry surfaces.


Recently we changed the formulation slightly by adding something to improve the adhesion. I didn't notice any change in the product or its adhesion. Months passed and I recently opened some 1 gal kits to make quart kits. Well, the part A resin with the additive had become almost rock-like. Almost too thick to scoop and with a hard skin on top. 


Over a period of a few months that additive had slowly thickened to part A making it useless. The immediate solution is to go back to the original formulation for the Part A and in the long term replace the product entirely with something new and different. 


In the meanwhile sales of QF 2300, and QR 2400 (which uses the same part A) have been suspended. Who would have guessed that a minor improvement would come back to haunt us months later? Still, I'm glad to say that I'm hands on enough to have  caught the problem before it caused a customer a problem. A simple epoxy reseller or distributor would never  have attempted to 'fix' a good product in the first place, never mind catching unexpected happenings from that fix months later.




 Google Vs. Bing

Every day (including weekends!) I work on the multiple websites I manage for our epoxies. The goal is to rank high in the search engines. I'm plugged into all the tips and tricks, hits and warnings about what to do and what not to do and most of my daily web work is in fixing or adding those changes. We are an internet company, so all of our business comes from the internet (plus loads of repeat business which usually started from an internet search).


Yahoo search and Bing search are now one and the same. I like Bing because it always has a wonderful daily picture (sometime interactive) to greet me each day. However, Google still dominates the search engine marketplace. 


Both Bing and Google use some secret formula for ranking pages on their search engines. Our company web pages always seem to rank much higher (often near the very top) in Bing than they do in  Google. 


I regularly test terms like, Epoxy, Marine Epoxy, Best Marine Epoxy, Floor Epoxy, Epoxy Paint, etc. We many be in the top 10 listings in Bing and not even found in the first ten pages of Google search results.  Whatever I'm doing with the web pages, Bing likes us, but Google doesn't. Those companies are always adjusting their search ranking formula. Hopefully the growing support of Bing will get Google to change things to be more like Bing.


 Coal Tar Epoxy

Coal tar epoxy is an epoxy that has been around for decades. It contains coal tar and is black in color. Historically it has been used on barges and marine piers. The coal tar additive provides extra waterproofing, flex and a lower price. Unfortunately  coal tar also has suspected health issues, especially when used in solvent based products that can transport the coal tar across and into the skin.


Our Coal Tar epoxy uses a high end epoxy in a solvent free setting. It is certainly the "good stuff" or the "high end" coal tar epoxy. But that said, my formulator tells me the EPA is making harder and harder to get the products needed to make coal tar epoxy. We have a few  two gallon kits of our Coal Tar epoxy in stock. 


How much longer we will be able to offer it is  uncertain. Please note that our CM 15 black epoxy paint is our non coal tar - coal tar epoxy equivalent. It behaves a lot like a coal tar epoxy, but without the coal tar.


 Aluthane For Floors


Our very popular Aluthane product as been mentioned in our newsletters more than once. This aluminum filled, moisture cured urethane (MCU) has outstanding bonding to surfaces and can be left in its natural aluminum color or top coated with enamel with the Aluthane acting as bonding primer.


I received an email on Aug. 7th from Sgt. Josh X reminding me how well it also works on floors. "Hello, Have used aluthane before and it is an amazing product. Applied it to a shop floor 6 years ago and no chips or scratches." 



Secret Filler Recipe 
(second request)



We sell a number of epoxy fillers, thickeners and additives, used mostly by our boat building and boat repair customers.

Some folks even have their own 'special blend' of fillers and thickeners that they use in their projects.


 Email us at with your filler and thickener favorites, tips and tricks, experiences etc. and we'll share them on our web site.



We Got Hit By The
"Getty Images" Extortion Scam"



Getty Images and its legal representatives have an image 'copyright infringement scam going that has hit thousands and thousands of web sites, blogs etc. We go hit this year.  They mass mail hundreds of letters (first class pre sort - 500 piece min) stating you have illegally used some UNIDENTIFIED image(s) they own and demanding lots of money under threat of legal action.


Google "Washington State Getty Images Complaints" results in over 3 million hits. Google "Getty Images Scam" had you get back over 500,000 hits.


Any free advice or help on how to handle this would be much appreciated.



How To Reach Us.... 
How To Order.... 

We are essentially an internet based provider of coatings (mostly epoxies) over the Internet. Unlike many other web based companies, we do take phone calls. Our one phone line (603-435-7199) is answered Mon. -Thur. 10:30 - 3 EST. That doesn't mean we only work those hours! There are lots of things that need doing away from the desk and telephone. Orders get packed Sunday night through Thursday night (in advance of the next day's UPS pickup). Many of you know we respond to emails almost 365 days of the year, several times a day.  

Our third party storefront (access via our Contact Page ( accepts orders from the lower 48 states 24/7. Orders placed from Thursday through Sunday get packed on Sunday night and go out on Monday. 

The storefront doesn't actually process or run your credit card. We do that manually just prior to the UPS pickup (which is usually the next day after your order - Monday - Friday).

Most of our solvent free (0% voc) products are available on our second, more simple web site.

You can 'run' your order online to compute shipping costs and then cancel before the order is actually saved. We do eyeball the shipping charges for all online orders. Usually they are pretty much right on track, but if you order 20 yards of fiberglass, it computes the shipping as 20 separate one yard orders which is something we correct!




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