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We are the only technology based coating/epoxy/resin company that actively encourages your phone calls, not just during our East Coast work hours but also after/before hours, evening, weekends and even holidays. We're available when you are. We form a personal relationship with our customers and freely share technical information, how to-advice, product information and tips-and-tricks. Speak with a non-salesman technical professional with over 25 years of experience in the resin/coating/epoxy industry (no newbie staffer on the phone lines!). Floors, tables, boats, leaks, rot repair. We handle it all! We are an 'always available,' one-on-one, technical/scientific, coating company (watch our video). We are NOT one of those fluffy/slick mass sales firms the dominate the internet selling cheap third party (made in China???), low end epoxies and coatings with no real knowledge of what they are selling and quotas to sell to as many people as possible. 603-435-7199 (east coast time).






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Your Host and Tour Guide:

Paul Oman, MS, MBA - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (floor epoxies, marine epoxies, underwater epoxies, repair epoxies)

Member: NACE (National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers), SSPC (Soc. of Protective Coatings)

Board member: Friends of the Suncook River - 501(c)(3) non profit ----- Founder: Friday Night Paddlers .

"Professionals helping Professionals"


(Our prices include all the email and 'returned phone call' support, handholding, help, advice you need or want. That's why our customers buy from us!)

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Sending people to our FLOOR LINKS site, telling them how to buy decorative paint chips to put into their epoxy direct from the chip manufactures, and suggesting folks email or call me (603-435-7199) AT ANY TIME with their questions about epoxy floors has put me in trouble. I've been banned for life (7/2014) from a popular internet Epoxy Floor forum site. This forum is dominated and run by several epoxy vendors whose purpose is not to help unsuspecting  visitors to the site, but rather to sell them product. My private postings to those visitors with honest information and anytime help was seen as a threat to their less than honest methods of generating business.




There are only a handful of companies that manufacture colored paint chips for epoxy floors. Epoxy manufactures and vendors do NOT make their own colored chips. They purchase them from from these other sources and act as middlemen, making money on every sale.

They will not ever tell you where they get your colored paints chips from. But we are different. We don't want to be middlemen. We'll send direct to the major chip vendors and let you buy their chips direct. You'll get better selection,  more options, better support and help, and save money at the same time.

Of course we hope you'll return the favor and use our industrial grade floor epoxies and UV blocking 2 part poly topcoats. There are several ways and methods to apply an epoxy - paint chip floor. It ranges from simply dropping the chips onto the wet pigmented epoxy base coat to a multi coat system with the chips in a middle clear coat of either clear epoxy or clear two part polyurethane.

Manufacturers of Colored Paint chips and related products: (may only sell to distributors)

Alternatives to buying paint chips:


1) you can 'flick' (spit, splatter) paint drops off the end of a brush, air compressor etc. Little droplets of enamel paint (practice your method) give a fine look at little cost.


2) you can 'faux' paint your mono-tone epoxy floor with enamel paint and sponges, rags, scrunched up plastic wrap et


No Sales Tax applied. Save Money. You're shopping in Tax Free New Hampshire - and you can order bulk order our Industrial Floor Epoxy in any gallon amount over 15 gallons packed in five gallon pails(besides our standard 1.5 gal units packed in DIY cans).



ESP 155 Epoxy Sealer

Application on concrete in 'bad shape'

Buy Now  --- More Info

Use on wood, fiberglass, cement

ESP 155 epoxy sealer (not for sale in California)

Use this product on less than idea concrete surfaces to seal, consolidate, firm up,

displace air bubbles and test the suitability of the surface for epoxy floor paints.

Also use on old, weathered fiberglass boats hulls and surfaces before applying any

topcoat paint or epoxy





Epoxy Floor Coatings - Sampler Kits

1) NEW Epoxy Floor/ Deck non slip coating  (ROUGH COAT (TM) FLOOR EPOXY) Check out the  8 oz test kit of Rough Coat (tm) - a tan colored  solvent based epoxy floor coating with non slip grit already mixed in. Standard unit size is one gallon which covers about 160 sf. Texture is suitable for bare feet. Use on boat decks, garage floors, shower areas etc.  This product is featured on the website.

2) Solvent Free Industrial Floor Epoxy - 48 oz test kit of IFF in beige or light gray. Tired of the low end stuff sold in mass market box stores or hard sell epoxy flooring web sites run by a marketing major and staffed with ex-shoe salesman just interested in your money? Check out our industrial - commercial (you can buy 15 gallon units), solvent free, Industrial Floor Epoxy (even the product name is simple, no frills labeling). Use with or without chips (order separately - picking colors and percentages), and with or without clear epoxy or poly intermediate or topcoats. Shop like a Professional - where you pick and select what you need. This product is featured on the Best Epoxies  website.

CLICK HERE (floor epoxy paint options) to see these products in our online catalog.



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NOTICE: Legal notices, Terms of Service, warranty information, disclaimers, health warnings, etc. are required reading before using web site, ordering and/or using Products. Any such use and/or ordering, online or by telephone, shall constitute acceptance and knowledge of all such terms. CLICK HERE  to access these terms. Please note: Whenever you purchase from this web site, and with each new purchase, you are granting us full and complete permission to add you to our email newsletter list at our option. Accessing this web site, and/or purchasing our products, grants Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. permission to add you to our email newsletter list. You may opt out from the newsletter at any time (link to do so can be found on the newsletter).

RETURNS: call or email for authorization to return. Returns are subject to a 25% restock fee. Customer pays return shipping and must comply with federal DOT shipping requirement/labeling for hazmat epoxies under penalty of fines and legal action.

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